Faith Formation & Sacramental Prep Registration

Below you can find links to a letter that was e-mailed out to all families with children in grades Kindergarten through 10th grade the week of August 24th and links to an online registration form and a pdf of the registration form.

If you are a parishioner and did not receive this e-mail please contact the Parish Center ( / 288-7372).

Welcome Letter can be found here.
Register online for Faith Formation and/or Sacramental Prep here.
Download a PDF of the Faith Formation/Sacramental Prep registration here.

Contact Information:
Sharie Furst K-8 Faith Formation Director: 507-288-7372
Megan Rodriguez Confirmation Faith Formation Director: / 507-288-7372

“A tension between disorder and harmony: this is the church that must come out of the crisis. We have to learn to live in a church that exists in the tension between harmony and disorder provoked by the Holy Spirit. If you ask me which book of theology can best help you understand this, it would be the Acts of the Apostles. There you will see how the Holy Spirit deinstitutionalizes what is no longer of use, and institutionalizes the future of the church. That is the church that needs to come out of the crisis….We can either get depressed and alienated—through media that can take us out of our reality—or we can get creative. At home we need an apostolic creativity, a creativity shorn of so many useless things, but with a yearning to express our faith in community, as the people of God.”

Pope Francis (