Canopy Candles

We offer lovely cards for Canopy Candle donations which may be offered as holiday gifts, memorials, birthday presents, celebratory wishes or which may honor births, baptisms, marriages and anniversaries.  The name(s) of those receiving the gift are also included in our weekly bulletin.  Please complete the following form or contact the Parish Center at 507-288-7372 or to make a Canopy Candle donation.

Please indicate above what and who the canopy candle is for. For example “In loving memory of ____.” This will be in the bulletin the week before the candle is lit.
Canopy candles are lit from Saturday-Saturday. In the line above please indicate the date you would like the candle to be lit.
Name of person purchasing the canopy candle.
Please leave a phone number so we can contact you with any questions we may have.
Price: $ 25.00