2020-2021 Faith Formation & Sacramental Prep Registration Form


Our approach to Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation will be much more personal this year as we will not be gathering all students in the school building on Wednesday evenings for in person classes as we have in the past, but will instead be offering families the opportunity to come to the church for small group gatherings, to receive resources that may be used at home, to experience different prayer opportunities and outreach activities, to take church tours and to meet personally with catechists, staff and volunteers who are anxious to share their faith, keep us connected and safely support you and your children in every way possible!
For these reasons it’s very important that you provide accurate contact information and complete the entire Registration Form

Contact Information:
Sharie Furst K-8 Faith Formation Director: sfurst@sj.org / 507-288-7372
Megan Rodriguez Confirmation Faith Formation Director: mrodriguez@sj.org / 507-288-7372






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(In the Diocese of Winona-Rochester 1st Eucharist is celebrated in 2nd grade and Confirmation in 10th grade).

Due to COVID-19 we will offer a hybrid model of learning including both distance and in person learning opportunities for all of our students. To help us customize the model best for your family, please complete the following:

You are always welcome to call the parish office to speak with a staff member or set up a time to chat outside regularly scheduled check-ins.


I hereby authorize and give full consent, without limitation or reservation, to the Co-Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, to publish any photograph or video in which my child(ren), named above, appear(s) while participating in any program associated with St. John's. There will be no compensation for use of any photograph or video at the time of publication or in the future.
Signing here sigifnifies that you have read and agreed to the previous two statements regarding the Student Waiver and Photo/Consent Disclaimer.
*** Tuition assistance and payment schedules available upon request – there is no charge to catechists with children in the program