Fr. Jose Morales

Dear Friends in Christ:

In this opportunity that I am allowed to write another article with you I would like to share a little bit of why I am at the Mayo Clinic as a chaplain. In 2012 I was assigned as associate pastor to the parish of St. Francis in Rochester. I often went to the Clinic to offer spiritual and emotional support to mainly Spanish-speaking patients.

I was translating one of the verses for a patient and offering support. Without noticing, one of the assistant supervisors was also in the room and suddenly he asked if he could pray with us and to my surprise, he said it in Spanish. After that, he called me and told me that he liked the way I had offered support to the patient and his family and asked me if at any time I would like to become a chaplain.

So I started the whole process and after a while, I was hired as a chaplain at the Mayo Clinic. As a human being that has been called by God to minister to His people, I have been blessed to meditate on the experience of healing and the connection with God.

The mystery of Creation and Re-creation helped me to understand that God is universal and has no limits; God goes beyond our poor concepts and even experiences. God welcomes all His creation, nourishes it and constantly restores it. This is a call for me to have a sincere, real and compassionate encounter with each and every human being and even more with the patients I encounter.

The mystery of Incarnation is Jesus’ call to approach people in their own reality, where they are met with respect and compassion. His passion and death leads us to approach the reality of sin and frailty and to recognize the need for grace and freedom that come from the love and mercy of God. His sacrifice endows every human being with talents and gifts, a capacity and desire for service and charity.

The mystery of the Resurrection calls us to hope and to look beyond; it leads to belief in salvation and eternity; I share this message with great faith and understanding that the seeds of eternity are in every human being respecting the different ways of belief in the transcendent. I am grateful for the Catholic Church and the priesthood, and now for this blessing of being a Chaplain that took me to the experience of a real encounter with myself and God in the call. “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Mark 8:34).

With appreciation.

Fr. Jose Morales
Mayo Clinic Chaplain