RCIA Program

How long does it take to become a full member of the Catholic Church?

It depends on the person. We respect each person’s journey and allow for discernment along the way. Commitment is made in stages and celebrated with various rituals throughout the year. Generally, people yet to be baptized are received into the Church at the Easter Vigil.

It’s important, most of all, to remember that RCIA is a journey. We encourage all those with any level of interest in the Church to discover RCIA, but it does not require a permanent commitment. The journey is your own – we’re here to help!

Getting Started

There are many options that allow for comfortable and organic spiritual growth in the Church. 

Our RCIA group meets every Tuesday night from 6:30-8, please contact Philip at pLomneth@sj.org or (507) 288-7372 ext. 4510 to get started!

Philip Lomneth

Director of Formation
Ext. 4510