In June 1881, Rev. William Riordan came from Chatfield to be St. John’s pastor for 31 years. The membership of the parish was at that time about 600.

During these years the growth of the parish was marked, and a need was felt for expansion. On October 12, 1900, the cornerstone was laid.

The church was completed at a cost of $60,000 in 1905. On April 27th of that year, Archbishop Ireland delivered the sermon at the Mass. 
Of a special interest in the church were a number of stained glass windows given by parishioners for their family members as memorials.

About this time, a group of parishioners organized St. John’s Dramatic Club for the production of amateur plays, and for many years provided the St. Patrick’s Day programs. This venture proved successful enough financially to pay for the first pipe organ installed in St. John’s Church at the cost of $3000.

In 1905 at Christmas electric lights on the Altar (the gift of a parishioner) and holy water fonts (donated by St. Joseph’s society) were used for the first time in this occasion.