By 1967, Rev. Msgr. Raymond J. Jansen was named pastor of St. John’s. Many parishioners recall the “Movement for a Better World” held in February of 1972. It was one of the largest and most inspirational spiritual events to take place at St. John’s following Vatican II.

Father Virgil Duellman, came to St. John’s in June of 1983. During his period Father Duellman reviewed the parish committees’ functions. By May 1984, he presented clearly defined responsibilities for each committee.

In 1991, Rev. James McCauley became pastor of St. John’s. During his period Father McCauley worked in developing and establishing a formal staff that supported him both administratively and ministerially.

Rev. Msgr. Gerald A. Mahon was named pastor of St. John’s in 1995. By the end of 1996 a liturgical consultant met with the Liturgical committee to provide education for liturgy and environment. In the summer of 1997 Fr. Mahon formed an enhancement committee comprised of 18 members of the parish community.

This committee with the advice and support of Sr. Jean Ersfeld, Diocesan Liturgist, began to explore the possibilities for the renovation of the sacred space.