In response of all these concerns the committee developed a vision statement for the enhancement of the church that said:

“We believe that faith is not so much a destination as a journey, a process of growth and development that must be sustained at every step along life’s path. The Church of St. John’s must provide this faith experience for all people.

We believe the people of The Church of St. John the Evangelist wish to intensify the close community we have enjoyed through the years, which will encourage and enrich full liturgical participation of our parish community.

We believe that we must maintain a place to experience God’s tender care, to form and transform a holy people whose lives are sustained by God’s love.

Therefore, we desire:

  • To create a Worship Space that provides for the gathering of all around the focal points of the liturgy so they see, hear and become involved in our sacramental celebrations.
  • To create a Devotional Space that is separate and distinct from our worship space. It will be sacred, peaceful and inviting while providing for reservation of the Holy Eucharist and individual or small group devotion.
  • To create a Baptismal Space that is permanent and beautiful, reminding us of the gift of our baptismal re-birth in water.
  • To create a Music Space that will encourage the full and active participation of all.
  • To create a Gathering Space which promotes a sense of belonging to a faith family. A gathering space speaks to our ministry of hospitality, providing access to all, and welcoming everyone who enters.
  • To Create an Outdoor Space that is quiet, peaceful and inviting. Natural landscaping reflects sensitivity to our local environment and complements the uniqueness of our location.”