The Young Chang G-185

Our former 6’1” main church’s piano is now serving in the Chapel. In addition to the positive organ, this piano animates our daily liturgies bringing new life to the community’s prayer.

The Rieger-Kloss Organ,
Opus 3721

Our large four manual Pipe Organ, donated by a generous gift, was built by Rieger-Kloss of the Czech Republic, which incorporates, as a separate Antiphonal Organ, the parish’s former main instrument built in the 1930’s by the Wicks Company of Highland, Illinois. This constitutes a total of 63 pipe ranks and 3,858 pipes serving the liturgies in our main church.

The Bösendorfer 225

This Viennese 7’4” grand has a very wide dynamic sound range, which results from its unique design and hand-crafted construction. It can produce many different colors of sound, allowing the pianist to play subtle nuances from the softest Pianissimo to the loudest Fortissimo. The Model 225 has four additional sub-bass keys, extending not only the bass range of the piano to bottom F, but also providing a larger soundboard to produce more volume when required to do so.
The fine rich sound of this piano becomes one with the liturgical action, inspiring our community while it joins in prayer. This piano at St. John the Evangelist is in its own class as well. Coming from Bösendorfer, New York (piano maker’s first exclusive international showroom outside of Vienna) this unique instrument distinguishes itself with original ivory keys and its discreet brown re-finishing job provided to make this instrument a living, breathing extension of the St. John’s own enviroment.

The Rieger-Kloss
Moveable Positive

This beautiful instrument, composed of 4 pipe ranks and a four octave range keyboard, provides music to our daily masses in the chapel, in magnificent syntony with the acoustics of the space. It fulfills both the functions of singing accompaniment and of solo playing.